Hear What the Customers of Acchino Auto Body Are Saying...

I would highly recommend Acchino Auto Body!

Sandra Pisaneschi

Jimmy and team are the best. They are always making sure customers get the best service and the work is extraordinary!

Laurie Guy

If you want it done right the first time, at an agreed price, as well as on time, there is only one place to go, Acchino Auto Body!

Rick Pelc

Very nice. Great place to have your vehicle repaired. Excellent work, professional and always polite.

Michael Del Piano Sr.

When I am reminded of Acchino's, I think of excellent work, professional attitude, attention to detail, cleanliness, customer service, friendliness, timeliness, helpfulness.

Alen Smajić

Great service
Simply the best!

Sam Madonia

Best body shop in town, real pros and Jim could not be a nicer person.

Jim Calandra

I just have to thank everyone at Acchino Auto Body for the excellent work you have done on my vehicle. You were able to move things around and fit me into your schedule early so I could have my car on vacation. Jim, Kenn and all of the staff were very polite and helped me put up with a terrible insurance company. I am so pleased with the service and quality of work that was done to my vehicle and the awesome customer service that your business offers. Thank you guys and if anyone needs work done on their car I'd suggest Acchino Auto Body!

Nathan P.

They were extremely helpful and easy to communicate with when I was in a traffic accident and needed work done. They even worked with the insurance company so I didn't have to. Work that they did was excellent as well, absolutely no complaints.

Stephanie R.

By far the best body shop in the city of Rome

Raymond W.

Great people great service. Top notch mechanics.

Christopher B.

Just received my vehicle back from Acchino Auto Body and am wonderfully happy. My insurance company was going to total my vehicle because of the cost (and that was not a complete estimate because the hood was locked down where the deer struck the vehicle). Acchino's provided a detailed estimate which was only $800 more than what the insurance company was projecting. I am very pleased with the work. I had used them 12 years ago when my other vehicle had a deer incident and the team at the body shop was just as good. My mother's vehicles have made use of Acchino's and would have loved to used them for her recent repairs but her insurance sent her elsewhere. I was in shock when I hit the deer and now I am happily shocked that the vehicle looks like new and it is a 2003 Toyota Camry.

Zachary K.

Love dealing with the people at Acchino's! They are honest, do great work, and are friendly and easy to work with.

Ginny D.

Outstanding staff, knowledgeable and honest.

Sam G.

Those guys are awesome!! They did wonderful work painting some parts for me.

Chuck H.

Honest upfront owner , quick service and quality work...

Ace C.

Just had body work done...they go above and beyond and their work is amazing! Jim took very good care of me...thank u so much!!!

Lisa G.

Have taken 3 cars there for deer damage. Every car has come back looking like a brand new car. Very professional and courteous.

David S.

After 30-40 years in the business, Jim can handle anything.

Keith B.

Great place! Honest people very knowledgeable.

Stephanie D

Great people, great service, great work.

Mark L.

My family and I bring our cars to Acchino Auto Body. They have always taken care of us and do great work. One of the last remaining shops with integrity. I'll never forget how they did right by my grandparents, myself as a teenager and now as an adult. If it's work on my car that I myself cannot do, only Acchino's will touch it.

Steven F.

Very friendly staff. Called and talked to Ken. He scheduled for my vehicle to be towed in when I couldn't get through to Geico my insurance. Will update after the work is done.

James K.

Jim and Ken and the other staff are always so helpful and friendly and knowledgeable. I wouldn't trust my vehicles with anyone else. They never cut corners and are always very thorough. My family has been taking our cars here for repair for many years. Truly outstanding.

Joel A.

The owner was very genuine. He didn't pull any punches

Jeff L.

Great work, great people to deal with!

Kathleen H.